Alia Bhatt will keep her daughter's name, it was revealed in the TV show!

Alia Bhatt, actress and wife of Ranbir Kapoor has become a mother. Alia Bhatt gave birth to a daughter on 6 November. From celebs to fans are congratulating him. Fans are eager to see the first pictures of Alia Bhatt's daughter and know her name. Although the glimpse of the baby has not been shown yet, but what will be named after her is known.

Alia Bhatt will keep her daughter's name, it was revealed in the TV show!

Happiness has knocked on the house of Bollywood's popular actresses Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. A little angel has been born in the Kapoor family. After hearing this news, the fans jumped with joy. They are desperate to see the first pictures of the baby girl and know her name. There is a festive atmosphere in the Kapoor family.

Alia Bhatt gave birth to her daughter at HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai. After the birth of the daughter, there is an atmosphere of celebration in the Kapoor family. Meanwhile, the discussion has started on social media regarding the name of Alia Bhatt's daughter.

Alia Bhatt had given hints about the name of the baby even before the birth of Alia Bhatt became Mother. This baby name (Alia Baby Name) is quite unique and is associated with the names of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. The talk is about a dance reality show in which Alia Bhatt arrived as a guest. In this dance show, Alia Bhatt shared her emotions about being a daughter.

In this show, Alia Bhatt asked a little girl to spell her name. The little girl got very confused and told her the spelling of Alia Bhatt's name - 'A-L-M-A-A' Alia Bhatt found this name very cute and she said - Alma is a very beautiful name, I will name my daughter Alma.'

This video is three years old, while Alia was not even married at that time. Well, now Alia will keep this name or something else? It will be known in the coming time. For now, everyone is giddy with the arrival of the princess.

At the same time, another video of Alia is becoming increasingly viral. This video is from when Alia Bhatt was promoting her film Gangubai Kathiawadi. In the interview, Alia Bhatt was asked that if her name was something else instead of Alia, which name would she choose?

Alia Bhatt had mentioned her favourite name as Ayra. The specialty of the name Ayra is that the first letter of Alia's name is 'Aa' in the beginning and the first letter of Ranbir's name is 'Ra' at the end. There were speculations then that Alia might name her daughter Ayra.