Domino's pizza carry bag costing Rs 12, will now have to pay a fine of Rs 1,512

Domino's in Chandigarh has found it expensive to carry a pizza carry bag charging Rs 12 from a customer. Now Domino's will have to pay a fine of Rs 1,512 to the customer for a carry bag worth Rs 12.

Domino's pizza carry bag costing Rs 12, will now have to pay a fine of Rs 1,512

Domino's has found it expensive to charge Rs 12 for a pizza carry bag. The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission of Chandigarh has imposed a fine of Rs 1,512 on Domino's Pizza India Limited and its outlet in Chandigarh for charging Rs 12 for carrying bags. The commission has ordered Rs 1,512 to be paid as a fine to the complainant Paras Sharma.

Earlier, complainant Paras Sharma had alleged that on May 29, 2019, he went to a Domino's outlet in Sector 15 and ordered a Gold Corn Pizza with a carry bag and received a bill of Rs 79.75. The complainant later came to know that the outlet had charged him an additional Rs 12 for the carry bag through a separate invoice. After this, he asked the attendant to return the money for the carry bag but the attendant flatly refused.

The Domino's operator countered the complaint by writing that "the complainant was asked to purchase paper bags before delivery and was billed for the same along with other items when he confirmed it. " Complainant Paras Sharma called Domino's answer wrong.

After hearing the arguments of both parties, the Commission observed that "the seller is bound to deliver the goods in complete deliverable condition. Delivery of goods means the physical handing over of goods from the seller to the buyer in complete deliverable condition. Provided further that packing of the goods is also a stage of placing the goods in deliverable condition and the seller shall bear the expenses incurred in bringing the goods in deliverable condition. As proved on record, Domino's India stores had charged an amount of Rs.12/- from the complainant for the carry bag, the said act of Domino's India amounts to unfair trade practice." Following this, the commission directed Domino's Sector 15 outlet and Jubilant FoodWorks Limited to refund Rs 12 to the complainant, along with Rs 1,000 as compensation and Rs 500 as litigation costs.