'I do not regret leaving the house and going to work', this talk of Bharti Singh surprises everyone

Bharti Singh recently told during her interview that 'she does not feel sad and worried about leaving her son 'Gole' at home and going to work'.

'I do not regret leaving the house and going to work', this talk of Bharti Singh surprises everyone

Famous comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachiyaa became parents to a son in April this year, with whom they often share their photo videos on social media. Bharti's son's name is Lakshya, whom Bharti and Harsh affectionately call Gola. Bharti had returned to her work only two weeks after giving birth to her child, for which she was also trolled a lot on social media. At the same time, some of his fans also praised him a lot. Some time ago, Bharti became very emotional after being trolled like this.

He said that 'I am not a very famous personality, who will give me money sitting at home'. Bharti, while replying to her trollers, had said that 'money will be needed for the good upbringing of the son and money will have to be earned for him, for which he will have to go to work outside the house'. At the same time, Bharti again talked about this during her interview recently.

Actually, there is news that Bharti has got a CCTV camera installed in the house to keep an eye on her child. Bharti said during her interview that 'I do not feel guilty about leaving the child at home and going to work, because the first thing is that cameras are installed in their house where she keeps an eye on her child all the time.

Bharti further said 'my child is not alone. My family. Two helpers, Harsh's family and my niece stay at my house and take care of the child. Along with this, Bharti said, 'if she does not work, then where will the money come from? How will she be able to take care of her child without cash?

Bharti said 'I also feel that if I had not worked or earned money, we could not have given such facilities to the child at home and this time I am hosting a show alone. That's why Harsh is home to take care of her child.