Passenger going to Patna was brought to Udaipur by Indigo flight, DGCA orders inquiry

The passenger going to Patna was taken to Udaipur by Indigo's flight, for which the DGCA has ordered an inquiry. This is the second such case on the Indigo flight in the last 20 days. Earlier, the passenger going to Indore had reached Nagpur by sitting on the wrong flight.

Feb 3, 2023 - 22:41
Passenger going to Patna was brought to Udaipur by Indigo flight, DGCA orders inquiry

Passengers travelling from Delhi to Patna have faced a lot of trouble due to the negligence of the staff of Indigo Airlines. The passenger has been identified as Afsar Hussain, who was to travel from New Delhi to Patna on an Indigo flight. But he was made to board another Indigo flight, due to which he reached Udaipur, about 1400 km from his destination. This incident is being told on Monday 30 January.

Now the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has ordered an inquiry taking cognizance of the incident. A senior DGCA official told that a person named Afsar Hussain had booked a ticket to Patna via Indigo flight 6E-214. Instead of boarding that flight, he mistakenly boarded Indigo flight 6E-319 to Udaipur. The passenger realized the mistake after landing at Udaipur airport.

After landing at Udaipur airport, Officer Hussain informed the officials at the airport about reaching Udaipur instead of Patna. After which the officials informed the airlines about it. According to media reports, the airlines brought Officer Hussain back to Delhi on the same day and then to Patna on 31 January.

The DGCA official said that we are seeking a report on this matter and appropriate action will be taken against the airlines. Along with this, he told that in the investigation, DGCA will find out why the boarding pass of the passenger was not scanned properly and before boarding the boarding pass is checked at two points as per rules, then how he boarded the wrong flight.

The airlines issued a statement on Friday saying, "We are aware of the incident that happened with a passenger on 6E-319 Delhi-Udaipur flight. We are in talks with the authorities on the matter. We regret the inconvenience caused to the passengers." "

This is the second such incident on an Indigo flight in the last 20 days. Earlier on January 13, a passenger who had a boarding pass for an Indigo Airlines ticket to fly to Indore reached Nagpur by boarding the wrong flight.

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