Rahul Gandhi's problems are not reducing, now Lalit Modi threatens to sue

Lalit Modi Vs. Rahul Gandhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's difficulties are not taking the name of being reduced. Rahul has already lost his MPship after being sentenced to two years in a 2019 defamation case. Due to his statements, there is also a possibility of many more cases being filed against him. Now recently Lalit Modi has also said a big thing against Rahul.

Mar 30, 2023 - 20:19
Rahul Gandhi's problems are not reducing, now Lalit Modi threatens to sue

Rahul Gandhi and difficulties seem to have had a relationship with each other for some time now. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is facing difficulties one after the other. In 2019, the Surat court sentenced Rahul to two years for making controversial remarks about Modi's surname. Although Rahul was saved from this punishment due to bail, because of this punishment, Rahul lost his MP. Lok Sabha MP from Wayanad, and Rahul Gandhi was disqualified from Wayanad after being found guilty in a defamation case. Rahul also gave controversial remarks on Veer Savarkar in his press conference.

In the case of insulting the Modi surname and Veer Savarkar, many other people are also now threatening to file a case against Rahul. Now Lalit Modi has also entered the fray against Rahul.

Lalit Modi, the founder and former chairman of IPL (IPL - Indian Premier League), recently objected to Rahul Gandhi calling him a fugitive. At the same time, Lalit accused Rahul and other opposition leaders of misinformation and vendetta, calling Rahul Pappu. Not only this but while threatening to sue Rahul, Lalit also talked about dragging him to the UK court. Lalit said he is looking forward to seeing Rahul prove himself a complete fool.

Lalit Modi accused many Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi of having foreign assets. Lalit said that including Rahul, former party leaders RK Dhawan, Sitaram Kesri, Motilal Vohra and Satish Sharma all have foreign assets. Lalit said that he can also send photos and home addresses of all these. He said that Kamal Nath can be asked about this.

Lalit further said that the real crooks of the country are the members of the Gandhi family. These people consider themselves entitled to rule the country. At the same time, Lalit also described the Gandhi family as scammers and looters, who have looted the country for many years.

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