Sportsmanship got twisted star players left playing football and started wrestling

An embarrassing incident happened during the Spanish La Liga match. Barcelona's Ferran Torres and Atletico Madrid's Stefan Sevic got into a scuffle. Barcelona won the match 1–0.

Jan 9, 2023 - 22:05
Sportsmanship got twisted star players left playing football and started wrestling

During the match played late Sunday night between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid of Spanish La Liga, there was a sight of non-football wrestling. The match was in full swing, with Barcelona cruising towards victory with a 1-0 lead when Barcelona's Ferran Torres and Atlético Madrid's Stefan Savic got into a fight for possession of the ball. On seeing this, both started scuffling with each other. Both of them tore each other's hair. Torres and Sevic were immediately shown red cards and sent off the field. In the rest of the match, both the teams had to play with 10 players.

The match was at its most exciting turn in the 90th minute when Torres and Sevic got involved. Interestingly, both of them used to play for Manchester City before coming to Spain. But seeing their fight, it seemed that there would never have been a relationship of friendship between the two. Spanish La Liga management can also take major action on both after this incident.

Ousmane Dembele scored the only goal for Barcelona which ultimately proved to be decisive. Dembele scored this goal in the 22nd minute of the match. With this victory, Barcelona has further strengthened its position in the points table of Spanish La Liga. Barcelona's team is currently on top with 41 points. At the same time, Real Madrid is at number two with 38 points. Atlético Madrid is number five.

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