Tried to buy TRS MLAs in Telangana for 100 crores, 3 arrested with 15 crores

Police in Telangana has arrested 3 people for trying to buy TRS MLAs, from whom the police have recovered Rs 15 crore in cash. Since then allegations and counter-allegations have started in the politics of Telangana.

Tried to buy TRS MLAs in Telangana for 100 crores, 3 arrested with 15 crores

The case of horse-trading of MLAs has come to the fore in Telangana, which has not been disclosed by any political party but by the Telangana Police. Telangana's Cyberabad Police has claimed that they have arrested three persons with Rs 15 crore in cash from a farmhouse who were trying to buy Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) MLAs. The police have said that a check along with cash has also been recovered from them.

According to the police, this conspiracy was busted on the basis of information from TRS MLAs. The Commissioner of Police has told that the deal could have been done for Rs 100 crore or more for the horse-trading of MLAs. The three detained persons have been identified as Swamiji Ramachandra Bharathi of Faridabad, Simhayaji from Tirupati and Nandkumar, a hotel owner in Hyderabad.

The BJP has been accused of horse trading by Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). TRS spokesperson Krishank said efforts have been made to buy KCR MLAs, including Guvwala Balaraju, Biram Harsh Vardhan, Pilot Rohit Reddy and Rega Kantha Rao. He said that the MLAs of Telangana Rashtra Samithi are not going to be sold.

There has also been a reaction from the BJP regarding this case of horse-trading of MLAs, which BJP leader Ramachandra Rao has described as a drama. Ramachandra Rao has said that it is a drama created by the ruling party to influence the by-elections.

A similar case related to horse-trading of MLAs came 3 months ago from the Howrah district of West Bengal, where three Congress MLAs were arrested with Rs 48 lakh in cash. This included Irfan Ansari of Jamtara, Rajesh Kachhap of Khijri and Naman Vixal Kongadi of Kolebira, for whom an FIR was also lodged.