Wipro's employees were cheating, the company showed the way out to 300

Wipro: Moonlighting has increased after work from home started during the Corona period, due to which employees of the tech industry were working in two companies simultaneously. Now Wipro has taken action against such employees.

Wipro's employees were cheating, the company showed the way out to 300

Wipro has fired 300 of its employees for moonlighting i.e. working for rival companies. Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji himself gave this information. He told during a program that in the last few months we found that 300 employees were also serving another company at the same time which is against the rules of the company. All of them have been fired.

Speaking at the National Management Conference of the All India Management Association (AIMA), Premji said, "While working for Wipro, you work for other rival companies as well, it is a violation of the company's rules and there is no place for such employees in the company." Is. Action has been taken against such employees and they have been fired.

Chairman Rishad Premji had termed the moonlighting practice in the IT sector as a hoax. He had said that "There is a lot of discussion in the tech industry about moonlighting. Simply put, it is fraud."

Earlier, cloud major IBM clarified that this practice is not ethical and the company does not allow such practices in the workplace. IBM India Managing Director Sandeep Patel had said that the company's stance is the same as that of the entire industry in the country.

What is Moonlighting Practice?
Moonlighting is when an employee works for a company other than his own and takes on additional responsibilities. Its trend has increased to earn more money at the time of Corona.