Emraan Hashmi revealed, wife slapped him for kissing scene

Emraan Hashmi is known as a serial kisser in Bollywood. There was a time when he was questioned about this, which is still done today. This question has always been asked to the actor what is the reaction of his wife Parveen Sahni regarding the scenes shot in the films?

Emraan Hashmi revealed, wife slapped him for kissing scene

Actor Emraan Hashmi is also called a 'Serial Kisser' because of his characters in films. Emraan has been giving very bold scenes in films. Recently he was asked about his wife Parveen Shahani's reaction to this scene. The actor revealed how his wife used to react to kissing scenes. In the year 2016, at the launch of her book 'The Kiss of Life', she told that she used to get angry about my intimate scenes in films. But now gradually the process of getting angry and killing is changing.

The actor said, she still hits, but less now." Imran said, "She doesn't hit me that hard anymore, earlier she used to hit me with the bag, but now she hits with her hand, it's been in the past years. Has changed compared to." Sharing an anecdote, he told me that once my wife had slapped me.

This story is from the year 2010. Imran told that Parveen slapped him after watching his film 'Crook'. He said, "My wife always beats me up after the first screening of my films. But she knows it's my job, so I have to do the scene." He also revealed how he calms Parveen down when she gets upset.

He said, "I buy her a handbag." He gives her a bag as a gift for every film in the film. He has a wardrobe full of bags. Despite this, they keep needing new bags. “It is kind of a deal between us. I give him a bag as a gift for each of my films."

Emraan, who started his career in Bollywood with the film 'Footpath', married his girlfriend Parveen Shahani in the year 2006. Parveen Shahani is his childhood friend. Same, so far Imran has worked in about 40 films and in almost every film he has given a 'kiss' scene.