Trump's criminal trial can change the course of America's politics

America's politics seems to be changing with the one-hour arrest of Trump in New York's Manhattan District Court and the 34 criminal charges against him.

Trump's criminal trial can change the course of America's politics

America's politics seems to be changing with the one-hour arrest of Trump in New York's Manhattan District Court and the 34 criminal charges against him. Trump's wobbly campaign for the 2024 presidential candidacy has found an issue. Trump's critics are also believing that at present, Trump is seeing short-term benefits due to this criminal trial. Trump has also started cashing in on this.

Trump, who arrived late at night from New York at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Florida, told hundreds of supporters that all these allegations were politically motivated. Here he loudly raised the issue of himself being victimized by the Radical Left in front of his supporters and said that the only crime I have committed is to fearlessly save his nation from those who want to destroy it. Want to This is an insult to the country. I never thought this could happen in our country... Since they cannot win us at the ballot box, they are trying to eliminate us through legislation. Trump didn't stop there. Trump said our country is going to hell and is becoming a Marxist third-world country. Many countries are threatening us with nuclear bombs... President Biden is leading us to a world war.

Trump also targeted Judge Juan Marchen, who heard the case, saying, "My case is being heard by a judge who hates Trump." Coming from a family that hates the Trump family. Trump said the daughter of the concerned judge used to work for Kamala Harris. Trump also targeted District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Trump said it was the attorney who illegally leaked the information. Therefore, he should be prosecuted or at least his resignation should be taken.

After the start of the criminal trial against Trump, now the entire Republican Party seems to be united behind Trump. Although there are about 18 months left for the US elections, in the short term, all the Republican candidates who are seen as Trump's rivals are currently standing with Trump and all have termed it as political harassment. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis considered the main Republican Republican candidate, has defended Trump on the issue rather than attacking him.

Even Republican Senator Mitt Romney, who has voted in support twice to remove Trump from impeachment, is also seen standing with Trump on this issue. Romney, a former Republican presidential contender, has also blamed attorney Alvin Bragg in the case, which is targeting a political rival.

Trump's election campaign has so far received the most donations of $ 1 million of all Republican Party candidates since the start of the criminal case on Trump. It is telling that Trump currently seems to have an edge over his Republican political rivals.

Generally speaking, Trump spoke only six times in about an hour of court proceedings and gave each answer in yes or no. Trump refused to admit his guilt here. Agreed to be aware of his rights and thanked the court for informing him about his rights.

Donald Trump gave a speech in Florida after surrendering in court. During this, Trump's children Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Tiffany Trump were present with their dad. But Melania was nowhere to be seen. Jason Miller, a spokesman for Trump's presidential campaign, declined to comment. Opposition parties have targeted Melania's absence - saying that if Melania was with her in the court, Trump's picture would have looked more beautiful. Prior to this, Melania has been defending Trump on this issue.

After hearing Trump's side, the court has fixed the date of December 4 after eight months for the next hearing. But Trump may be exempt from appearing in court in person. Most of the 34 charges that prosecutors have made against Trump are related to fraud.

If Trump is found guilty in this case, he can be punished for up to four years. But a jail sentence is not mandatory in this case. It is not yet clear whether a former president and a contender for the US presidential election in 2024 will go to jail after being convicted.

At the time when Trump was standing like a criminal in the New York court, the hearing of a case related to Trump was completed in California on Tuesday, but Trump has got relief from this court. California's 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals has again dealt a blow to Stormy Daniels, ruling in favour of Trump.

The court ordered Stormy to pay damages of one lakh 21 thousand dollars to Trump. Actually, Stormi had filed a defamation case against Trump, which she lost. Stormy has already paid more than half a million dollars to Trump's lawyers on court orders. The order was pronounced on the same day Trump appeared in Manhattan court.

Please inform that Stormy filed this case against Trump in 2018. She alleged that an unknown man threatened her in the parking lot not to open up about her relationship with Trump. Rejecting his claim, the court has ordered him to pay the fixed fine amount to Trump.