Ownership & funding

Swarajya Times is an independent news website that aims to provide unbiased and accurate reporting on a wide range of topics including politics, current affairs, business, technology, entertainment, and more. The website is committed to upholding journalistic integrity and providing its readers with reliable information.

Ownership: Swarajya Times is owned and operated by Swarajya Media Pvt. Ltd., a media company based in India. The company was founded with the vision of promoting free speech, responsible journalism, and diverse perspectives. Swarajya Media Pvt. Ltd. has a dedicated team of journalists, editors, and contributors who work together to ensure the quality and credibility of the news articles published on Swarajya Times.

Funding: Swarajya Times is primarily funded through a combination of advertising revenue, subscriptions, and partnerships. The website features advertisements from various companies and organizations that align with its editorial guidelines and policies. These advertisements help generate revenue to support the operations and maintenance of the website.

In addition to advertising, Swarajya Times offers subscription-based services that provide readers with access to exclusive content, analysis, and features. The subscription fees contribute to the financial sustainability of the website and allow it to continue delivering high-quality journalism.

Swarajya Times also collaborates with partners and sponsors on specific projects, events, or campaigns. These partnerships may involve financial support or other forms of collaboration to enhance the content and reach of the website.

Editorial Independence: Swarajya Times maintains strict editorial independence and avoids any undue influence that may compromise the integrity and objectivity of its reporting. The website adheres to a comprehensive editorial policy that ensures fairness, accuracy, and transparency in its news articles. The editorial team at Swarajya Times has the autonomy to make editorial decisions without interference from any external parties.

Correction and Accountability: Swarajya Times takes responsibility for the accuracy of its reporting and strives to promptly correct any factual errors or misleading information. The website has a dedicated team that reviews and verifies the content before publication, but if any errors slip through, corrections are made in a timely manner. Readers are encouraged to provide feedback and report any concerns regarding the accuracy or fairness of the articles.

Swarajya Times is committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of its readers by delivering reliable news and information. The website continues to evolve and adapt to the changing media landscape while upholding the highest journalistic standards.