Electric car of 2.46 crore will fly in the sky

The world's first flying car got the approval of the US government, the California company made, the prototype was introduced in 2021.

Jul 1, 2023 - 12:18
Jul 1, 2023 - 21:00
Electric car of 2.46 crore will fly in the sky
Electric car of 2.46 crore will fly in the sky

The world's first flying car, the Elf Model-A, has been approved to fly in the US. Booking for this car by California company Elf Aeronautics started in October last year. Apart from running on the road, this electric car can fly in the sky. The price of the vehicle is $ 2,99,999 (about Rs 2.46 crore). Its production is expected to start in late 2025. After that, the delivery will start.
Many companies are engaged in making flying cars. The Elf Model-A is the first flying car to be approved by the US government. It has been designed by celebrity designer Hirash Rajagi, who also designed models for Bugatti and Jaguar. The design of the Elf Model-A is based on a retro-futuristic theme. Its body was made from carbon fiber. Wings are attached to the body. Preparations are also underway to make a hydrogen version of the car.

When the flying mode is activated, one or two seats in the car's cockpit rotate forward 90 degrees. Its structure is like a two-winged plane. The car can fly forward-backward, up-down, left-right, all the way. On a full charge, it will run for 321.8 km or fly for 177 km. Two persons can sit comfortably in this car equipped with a detection system and parachute.

Elf Aeronautics was started in 2015 to build the world's first flying car. The company has been developing the car for almost seven years. The prototype of the vehicle was to be unveiled in October 2021. At that time the company had confirmed that it could be launched in the market by 2025.

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