Inflation hits again, CNG costlier by 95 paise in Delhi, know new prices

The price of CNG has increased once again in the capital Delhi. From today, CNG will be costlier by 95 paise. Till now, for CNG in Delhi, Rs 78.61 per kg had to be paid, while now Rs 79.56 per kg would have to be paid.

Dec 17, 2022 - 15:08
Inflation hits again, CNG costlier by 95 paise in Delhi, know new prices

The people who are struggling with inflation have got a big blow. CNG prices have been increased once again in the country's capital Delhi. This time 95 paise has been increased. CNG price in Delhi will increase by 95 paise to Rs 79.56 per kg. Natural gas prices are witnessing a record rise. The new price has come into effect from 6 am on Saturday. Earlier on October 8, the price of CNG was increased by Rs 3 per kg.

The prices of CNG are being increased continuously in the capital. Even before this, its price was increased. IGL had increased the prices by Rs 3, giving an inflationary shock to the people even before Diwali. At the same time, the prices of PNG were also increased by Rs.

CNG prices are skyrocketing. This is the 15th time since March this year that CNG prices have increased. Overall, the price of CNG has increased by Rs 23.55 per kg in 10 months. In April last year, the price of CNG was Rs 36.16 per litre which has now reached almost Rs 80 in Delhi.

Once again, due to CNG becoming expensive, its effect is going to affect the pocket of common people. Now services like Ola-Uber can also charge more. At the same time, travelling by auto will also become expensive. Not only this, the cost of transport will increase, and in such a situation, there will be a rise in the prices of fruits and vegetables.

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