Shaan had to congratulate Eid while offering namaz by wearing a hat, while clarifying he said- 'I am a Brahmin...'

Shaan wishes Eid: Today the whole country is immersed in the celebration of Eid. The Eid of the Stars is also always special. From TV stars to film stars, everyone is congratulating Eid. However, congratulating Singer Shaan on Eid became overwhelming. People have told him a lot of lies.

Shaan had to congratulate Eid while offering namaz by wearing a hat, while clarifying he said- 'I am a Brahmin...'

Today the festival of Eid is being celebrated with pomp across the world. People are congratulating each other on Eid. Bollywood stars are also celebrating the festival of Eid with gusto like every year. On this occasion, Bollywood's famous singer Shaan also wished people Eid Mubarak in a special way. However, people trolled him fiercely on this and told him a lot of lies.
Shaan has shared a picture of himself on Instagram and has said Eid Mubarak along with it. In the picture, Shaan is seen wearing a cap on his head as well as offering prayers.

While sharing the photo, Shaan wrote in the caption, 'Eid Mubarak to you and your family.' However, he got to hear a lot of criticism for this photo. One user commented, 'When did this Muslim become? I thought it was Bengali.

Others wrote, 'Wish, what is the need to do this. Has any Muslim ever wished by applying Tilak? On the contrary, they have thrown stones.

Seeing the barrage of such comments on the photo, Shaan clarified this photo and told that this photo is three years old. He told that this photo and this look is during a video shoot.

Giving clarification about the picture, he wrote, 'Today is Eid. I did a video 3 years ago. Palash Muchhal's 'Karam Kar De'. He had this look... so thought that it is going according to the festival... that's all.'

Shaan further said, 'Now see your reaction... I am surprised... I am a Hindu, I am a Brahmin. This is what has been taught since childhood... Celebrating each other's festivals... Respecting every community... This is my thinking and every Indian should keep this thinking... Congratulations on the rest of your thinking.' Along with this, Shaan has also written 'Jai Parshuram'.

Talking about a Bollywood singer, in the year 1999, he started his career with the film Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi. People liked the voice-matching Udit Narayan and the singer never looked back on his singing journey. Last time he sang in the film Salaam Venki.