Uncontrollable crowd to meet Salman Khan, police did lathi charge

Salman Khan Birthday: Bollywood actor Salman Khan is celebrating his 57th birthday. During this, a video surfaced from outside his house, in which thousands of fans gathered outside his house Galaxy to wish their favourite actor a birthday. Salman is also seen saying thanks to his fans. But it became difficult for the police to control such a crowd outside Salman's house.

Uncontrollable crowd to meet Salman Khan, police did lathi charge

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has a very good fan following. His films and his dance are very much liked by people of all ages. Because his films are for every genre and dance is so easy that anyone can copy easily. Then whether it is a child, a youth or an old man. In today's time, everyone is a fan of Salman Khan. But sometimes too much fan following becomes too much. Salman Khan is celebrating his 57th birthday today, so when his fans came to wish Sallu Miyan in front of his house Galaxy Apartment, it was a sight to see. Thousands of people had gathered in front of Salman Khan's (Salman khan galaxy apartment) house so much crowd was not visible on the road even stepped foot. How can Salman upset his fans, that too on his birthday? When Salman came to the balcony of his house, the crowd went out of control. In such a situation, the police present there had to resort to lathi charges to control the crowd.

Thousands of people gathered to wish Salman Khan on his birthday. (Salman khan) Salman Khan also thanked his fans by coming to the balcony.

The crowd of thousands who came to wish for Salman Khan became uncontrollable when Salman Khan came to his balcony to say thanks to the fans. In such a situation, the police could not control the crowd and to control the fans on Mackay, the police lathi-charged the fans of Salman Khan.

Salman khan is the name of the film industry whose common people and celebrities themselves are also fans. Despite being 57 years old, Salman Khan's fan following has not decreased but has increased.