Actor told Kriti Sanon as Maha Panauti, said- after Shehzada, she will eat Adipurush too

Kriti Sanon Shehzada: Kriti Sanon and Karthik Aryan's film 'Shehzada' has been released. However, after its release, the film has not lived up to the expectations of the audience. In such a situation, Kamal R Khan (KRK) has called the actress Maha Panauti.

Actor told Kriti Sanon as Maha Panauti, said- after Shehzada, she will eat Adipurush too

Actress Kriti Sanon, who has made a tremendous mark in Bollywood after South, is in the headlines these days. Her and Karthik Aryan's film 'Shehzada' has been released in theatres only on Friday. However, after watching the trailer of the film, as much as the audience had expected, 'Shehzada' has not been able to live up to that expectation. The account was opened with 6 crores on the first day and on the second day it crossed the 7 crore mark with great difficulty. In such a situation, Kamal R Khan (KRK), who describes himself as the number one critic and trade analyst, has blamed Kriti Sanon for the falling performance of the film. Along with making fun of him, he has been called Panauti.

Actually, Kriti Sanon has not given any hit film for many years. Bhediya, which was released a few months back, also flopped at the box office. The release date of his and Prabhas' film 'Adipurush' was also postponed till June this year. On the other hand, 'Shehzada', released on February 17, also did not show any charisma at the box office. Both the films have earned only around 4 crores. Taking a jibe at this, KRK has made fun of Kriti Sanon.

KRK posted on social media and wrote, 'Kriti Sanon is one of the most sought-after actresses of Bollywood. In the film in which she comes, she drowns. A film like Bhediya was also eaten. During this, he did not leave Adipurush as well and said, 'And still the great Panauti Kriti Sanon's charm is left. She is also the heroine of the 600-crore budget film Adipurush. Hail Kriti Sanon.

This post of KRK is now going viral on social media. However, some mostly have not liked his tweet. For this, he is also criticizing KRK on social media. Meanwhile, a user wrote, whatever film you support, it flops, you are the real Panauti. While another user wrote, Shahzada is a remake of a Telugu film, people didn't find anything new, that's why the film didn't work.