Bollywood actor praised Rahul Gandhi, said- every Indian should be proud of him

KRK Praises Rahul Gandhi: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is on a UK tour. On Monday, he interacted with British MPs on the premises of the House of Parliament in London. He also fiercely targeted the Narendra Modi government there. After this, the Bollywood actor praised Rahul Gandhi.

Bollywood actor praised Rahul Gandhi, said- every Indian should be proud of him

A heated debate is going on these days between the BJP and Congress regarding the recent statements made by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in London. These days, Rahul Gandhi, who has gone on a tour of Britain, remains in the headlines. In his speech on a foreign tour, he raised the issue of China and criticized the Modi government. At the same time, Rahul Gandhi had said that the opposition is not allowed to raise the issue of the intrusion of Chinese troops into India in Parliament. At the same time, he discussed many issues at Chatham House, a London-based think tank.

Rahul Gandhi also targeted the RSS. He also raised issues ranging from Kashmir, democracy, and foreign policy to banning BBC documentaries and crony capitalism. After these statements of Rahul Gandhi, politics has heated up in the country.

People are giving their reactions to Rahul Gandhi's statements on social media. Meanwhile, Bollywood actor Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK has praised Rahul Gandhi on his social media account. He has said that every Indian should be proud of him.

Tweeting about Rahul Gandhi, KRK said, "What you think and say about Rahul Gandhi's politics, it is up to you. But any Indian living in England, in Cambridge, Oxford and the British Parliament Ask about Rahul's lectures. Indians there will say that I am proud of Rahul Gandhi, who has received such great respect in Britain."

KRK wrote in his second tweet, 'As an Indian, I am proud that at least Rahul is a politician, who can also lecture in India, Cambridge and Oxford universities and the British Parliament. Every Indian should be proud of him, it should not be linked to politics."

This tweet of KRK has become a topic of discussion on social media. Users are giving different reactions on Twitter. Some have supported the KRK, while others have criticized Rahul Gandhi. Let me tell you, Rahul Gandhi, who reached the UK tour, targeted the Narendra Modi government fiercely. He said that wrong things have happened to Dalits, Adivasis and minorities in India. He said this by quoting many newspapers.

The BJP hit out at Rahul Gandhi for his comments in the UK, claiming that he was seeking foreign interference and defaming the country on foreign soil. In his latest statements, Rahul Gandhi took a U-turn and said that the erosion of democracy in India is an internal matter.