'Can't erase the voice of democracy', Rahul Gandhi said on removal of statement from Lok Sabha

Rahul Gandhi targeted Prime Minister Modi and the central government for deleting his statement from the proceedings of the Lok Sabha. Along with this, while reacting to the Prime Minister's speech, he said that I had simple questions, which could not be answered.

'Can't erase the voice of democracy', Rahul Gandhi said on removal of statement from Lok Sabha

Responding to the discussion on the motion of thanks on the President's address, Prime Minister Modi targeted the opposition fiercely and counted the achievements of his government amid the issue of Adani in both the Houses of Parliament (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha). The Prime Minister said that "2004 to 2014 was a decade of scams in the history of independence. In those ten years of UPA, there was a series of terrorist attacks in every corner of India. Every citizen was insecure. There was information all around about something unknown. Do not shake hands. Whereas since 2014, opposition parties have been alleging that India has become weak and lost its prominence. Now they say that India has become strong enough to influence other countries in decision-making. I would like May they come out of this confused state and finally decide whether India has become strong or weak."

During this, the Prime Minister targeted other opposition leaders including Rahul Gandhi on many other allegations. During this, MPs of many opposition parties staged a walkout from the Lok Sabha. Responding to this speech of the Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi said I am not satisfied with the speech of the Prime Minister. Along with this, Rahul Gandhi has also targeted for removing the statement from the proceedings of the Lok Sabha.

After the Prime Minister's speech, when the media asked Rahul Gandhi about the speech, he said that "I am not satisfied with (the Prime Minister's speech). There was no question of inquiry. If he (Gautam Adani) is not a friend, he should (PM) should have said that there should be an inquiry. It is clear that the PM is trying to save him (Gautam Adani)."

Speaking in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, Rahul Gandhi made many serious allegations against Prime Minister Modi and the central government. According to media reports, many statements of Rahul Gandhi have been removed from the proceedings. To which Rahul Gandhi tweeted that "Prime Minister, you cannot erase the voice of democracy. The people of India are asking you a direct question. Answer!" Along with this, Rahul also shared the video of the statement given in the Lok Sabha yesterday.