Delhi State Election Commission engaged in preparations for polling stations for MCD elections, finalized 42 counting centers

The preparations for the polling booths for the MCD elections have begun by the Delhi State Election Commission. For this, the Commission has finalized the list of 42 counting centers and strong rooms in consultation with the concerned District Election Officers and Returning Officers. According to the commission, these identified centers will be used for many purposes. Training will also be done in these centers on the role and responsibilities of various election functionaries like sector officers, and polling officers.

Delhi State Election Commission engaged in preparations for polling stations for MCD elections, finalized 42 counting centers

Various election officials will also be trained by the Delhi State Election Commission, informing them about the use of EVMs. The commission has already deployed master trainers for this purpose. According to the commission, the selected counting centers under the previous exercise are located in various government educational institutions like ITIs, and schools. The strong room will be used for the safe storage of EVMs. Voting for the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections is on December 4. At the same time, the results of the MCD elections will come on December 7. Continuous preparations are being made by the Commission for the MCD elections. In which continuous work is being done by the employees including various office bearers. The commission has implemented the code of conduct regarding MCD. On this too, special attention is being paid by the employees that it should not be violated at all. For this, the officers and employees of MCD are also continuously monitoring all their zones. So that posters, banners and hoardings and small boards of any political parties are not visible.

The Delhi State Election Commission has finalized the list of 42 polling stations for the MCD elections. At the same time, continuous monitoring is also being done by the commission under the code of conduct. Under which posters, banners and hoardings are being removed in Delhi.

This time more emphasis is being laid by the Commission on ensuring the maximum use of postal ballots by the service personnel deployed on election duty. In this regard, the Commission has appointed a Nodal Officer to facilitate accurate record-keeping of Postal Ballots. According to the Commission, a significant portion of the election personnel comprises police personnel. Therefore, special care will be taken to ensure that all such policemen are on election duty. Facilitation should be provided to enable them to cast their vote with ease and convenience. The Delhi Police, in consultation with the Commission, has appointed a DCP-level officer as the nodal officer to coordinate and facilitate the casting of votes through poster ballots.

According to the commission, the campaign has been intensified to ensure free and fair elections by strictly implementing the model code of conduct in view of the MCD elections. Under this, a total of 1,18,123 posters, banners, hoardings and small boards have been removed from all over Delhi till Saturday. This action has been taken on behalf of the employees in all the zones of MCD. At the same time, 26,914 posters, banners and hoardings were removed on Saturday.