ICG arrests 10 Pakistani nationals with huge arms, ammunition

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has seized a boat with a huge cache of arms, ammunition and narcotics, along with which 10 Pakistani nationals have also been arrested.

ICG arrests 10 Pakistani nationals with huge arms, ammunition

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has got a big success based on the intelligence input of the Gujarat ATS. The ICG has intercepted a Pakistani boat in Indian waters off the Gujarat coast, in which 40 kg of drugs have been recovered. The Coast Guard has estimated the cost of these drugs at around Rs 300 crore. Along with this, 10 Pakistani nationals have been arrested, from whom 6 pistols and a huge amount of arms and ammunition have been recovered. All Pakistani citizens are being arrested and interrogated and information is also being extracted about the drug network. At the same time, the Pakistani boat and all the ammunition, weapons and narcotics recovered from it have been seized.

Indian Coast Guard officials have said that a specific input was received from the Gujarat ATS that a Pakistani boat was entering Indian waters, after which the Coast Guard sent its patrol vessel Arinjay to the National International Maritime Boundary Line (NIML) in the Arabian Sea. IMBL), after which this success has come to hand.

Indian Coast Guard officials told that when a Pakistani fishing boat was seen suspiciously in the Indian waters, it was asked by the Indian Coast Guard ship to stop, after which the people in that boat started evasively. The boat did not stop even after warning shots, following which the boat while maneuvering with the ICG ship in pitch darkness, stopped. The Indian Coast Guard issued a press note stating that the Indian Coast Guard team boarded the Pakistani boat in challenging circumstances.

It has been told by the Indian Coast Guard that the Pakistani boat caught by the Coast Guard has been brought to Okha port. Along with this, all the members aboard the boat are prima facie Pakistani citizens, who are being questioned. Along with this, it has been told that this is the first time in 2 decades that a cache of arms and ammunition has been seized from the Gujarat coast.