North-East won, Kerala will also win... PM Modi called on BJP workers - get involved in nation building with double strength  

Prime Minister Modi, who was elated with the victory in the Northeast, addressed the BJP headquarters and worked to enthuse the BJP workers for the Kerala assembly elections as well. Along with this, while targeting Congress, he has called upon the workers to engage in nation-building.

North-East won, Kerala will also win... PM Modi called on BJP workers - get involved in nation building with double strength          

After the results of the assembly elections in the North-East states of Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya, the formation of the BJP coalition government in Tripura-Nagaland is certain. The BJP alliance has got a majority in both states. At the same time, the formation of the BJP and NPP coalition government in Meghalaya is also considered almost certain. Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma called up Home Minister Amit Shah and sought BJP's support to form the government. After which BJP national president JP Nadda has spoken of supporting NPP. Meanwhile, at the BJP headquarters, Prime Minister Modi congratulated the BJP workers and the people of North-East while targeting the opposition parties. The Prime Minister said that Northeast won, and now Kerala will also win. Along with this, the PM urged the BJP workers to engage in nation-building with double the force. Earlier BJP national president J.P. Addressing the people, Nadda said that "On behalf of our workers, I welcome and congratulate PM Modi ji on the spectacular performance of the BJP in the Northeast elections. It is because of PM Modi's efforts to bring the Northeast into the mainstream that we are able to win the elections." perform better."

Along with this, Nadda said that "PM Modi is the first Prime Minister of the country, who visited the Northeast about 50 times. This shows that he gave priority to this region and helped bring it into the mainstream. Before 2014 Northeast was known for the blockade, militancy, terrorism and targeted killings. However, now the fortunes and picture of the Northeast have changed. Today Northeast is known for peace and stability."

Addressing the BJP Headquarters, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that "BJP Headquarters has witnessed many such occasions over the years, today another opportunity has come for us to humbly bow down to the people of Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland. I bow my head and express my gratitude. People of these states have blessed our fellow colleagues. Working for BJP in Delhi is not difficult but our workers in North East have worked twice as hard, I appreciate their hard work And thank you."

Taking a jibe at the opposition parties, Prime Minister Modi said, "We have some well-wishers who are bothered that what is the secret of BJP's victory? Till now I have not seen the results on TV and have not seen that EVMs are being abused." reading has started or not.

The Prime Minister said that many political analysts are trying to understand the reason for BJP's victory. Some of our well-wishers want to know the reason for this, the reason for which is 'Triveni'. It means the combination of three currents. The first power is the actions of the BJP governments, the second is the working style of the BJP and the last is the workers of the BJP."

Earlier in Tripura, the situation was such that apart from one party, even a flag of another party could not be hoisted. If someone tried to apply it, he was made to bleed. What a big change we have seen in these elections this time. Now we are seeing the Northeast moving in a new direction. Today's results are the result of the hard work of all BJP workers. Today's election and these election results have many messages for the country, and for the world.

Targeting the Congress, the Prime Minister said that "Today's results have exposed the thinking of the Congress about the Northeast. Congress claimed that these are small states and insignificant. It is an insult to the mandate and the people of the Northeast." " Along with this, the Prime Minister said that at such a time some people are aspiring to dig Modi's grave. But wherever there is a chance, the lotus keeps on keeps on blooming. Some people are engaged in identifying fanatics..they also do dishonesty with fanaticism. These bigots say - die Modi...die Modi...the country is saying don't go Modi."