One year of Russia-Ukraine war: Know how much loss of life and property, why Russia is not able to capture Ukraine

One year of Russia-Ukraine war: Russia-Ukraine war has completed one year. This fierce war between the two countries that started on 24 February 2022 has turned Ukraine into ruins. Because of this war, thousands of married women lost their marriages. The war has not reached any conclusion in this one year. No one has won and no one has lost.

One year of Russia-Ukraine war: Know how much loss of life and property, why Russia is not able to capture Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine war has completed one year. Today i.e. on 24 February 2022, a fierce war started between the two countries. Both countries have suffered a lot in the last year, but Ukraine has suffered a lot including loss of life and property. Because of this war, thousands of married women lost their marriages. The laps of lakhs of mothers became deserted, so don't know how many soldiers sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. Today morning news channels started breaking news that Russia has attacked Ukraine. After this, it started being discussed that in 24 to 48 hours Vladimir Putin's army will capture Ukraine. But for the past year, the army of Ukraine is taking iron from Putin.

After the declaration of war by President Vladimir Putin, 200,000 soldiers of the Russian army entered Ukraine and a few hours later Russian bombs reached Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. After this, many experts from all over the world claimed that Russia would capture Ukraine in a few days. No one has won and no one has lost in the last year. The cities of the city were transformed into ruins. Thousands of people have died. Those who have survived are spending their lives as refugees. Russia is not yet ready to back down. At the same time, Ukraine also stood with its chest stretched. The world economy has also been deeply affected by this war of both.

In this war between Russia and Ukraine, 1.80 lakh soldiers of Russia and 1 lakh soldiers of Ukraine were killed or injured. Ukraine has claimed 1,45,850 Russian soldiers were killed by 23 February 2023. However, Ukraine has not yet disclosed the death toll of its soldiers. Russia gave the official figure of military deaths in September last year. At that time, Russia had told that about 6 thousand soldiers had died. At the same time, Russia's news website Moscow Times has told that till February 17, 2023, 14,709 soldiers of Russia have been killed. According to a figure released by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the deaths of more than 71,000 civilians have been confirmed in the last year.

The common man has suffered a lot due to the war between the two countries. On February 21, the United Nations shared the figures for the loss of common citizens in this war. According to the US, 8,006 civilians lost their lives in Ukraine in the last year. At the same time, more than 13 thousand people got injured in this war. 487 children have also died in this war and 954 have been badly injured. According to the report, 60 percent of the dead are men and 40 percent are women.

In March last year, the Russian army captured Kherson with heavy bombardment. It became the first area to be occupied by the Russian army. Merchant ships, tankers, container ships, icebreakers, and architect supply ships are made in this area. The Russian army then launched a campaign to take control of Mariupol in May. The heavy bombardment resulted in the death of many civilians in Mariupol.

Ukraine gave a befitting reply to Russia by blowing up the Kerch road and rail bridge. In the first week of October, the 19-kilometre-long Kerch road and rail bridge connecting Russia with the Crimean peninsula was blown up. In this accident, seven fuel tanks of the train going towards Crimea caught fire.

Even after the war going on for the last year, Russia could not succeed in its plans. Russia's goal was to completely occupy Ukraine. While launching the attack on Ukraine, Putin clearly stated that his goal was not to capture Ukraine. Russia will oust the Nazi forces from Ukraine and defend itself. Russia's goal is to expel Ukrainian forces from the Donbas region and bring about a regime change in Ukraine. But, the intervention of the western countries dashed Putin's dreams. Western countries came forward to help Ukraine against Russia. The US, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and Norway have given large quantities of weapons to Ukraine.