PM Modi lashed out at the opposition by inaugurating BJP's residential complex, 'save corruption campaign'

PM Modi Inaugurate BJP Residential Complex: PM Modi inaugurated the residential complex for BJP in front of BJP Headquarters in Delhi this evening. On this occasion, he attacked the BJP's journey as well as the opposition.

PM Modi lashed out at the opposition by inaugurating BJP's residential complex, 'save corruption campaign'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday evening inaugurated the residential complex of BJP in front of the BJP headquarters in Delhi. This complex has been made for the residence of BJP office bearers. In his address after the inauguration of this complex, PM Modi attacked the strengths of the BJP as well as the opposition. Many veteran leaders of the party including BJP National President JP Nadda, and Union Home Minister Amit Shah were present in this program. Addressing the program after the inauguration, PM Modi said I congratulate the BJP workers across the country for the expansion of the central office of the Bharatiya Janata Party. When I had come to inaugurate the office in 2018, I said that the soul of this office is our workers.

On this occasion, PM Modi also met the labourers, and artisans who had done shramdaan in the construction of the residential complex. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the party's national president JP Nadda also offered prayers on the occasion of the inauguration of the BJP headquarters expansion. Let us tell you that this residential complex has been built for party officials in front of the BJP headquarters.

On this occasion, PM Modi said that the expansion of this office is not just an expansion of the building, but it is the expansion of the dreams of every BJP worker. A few days from today, our party will celebrate its 44th foundation day. I bow down at the feet of crores of workers of the party. I also bow my head to all the founding members of the party. This journey is a tireless and continuous journey. This journey is a journey of hard work and determination.

PM Modi said that BJP was a small party with dreams for the country. Today BJP is not only the biggest party in the world but also the most futuristic party in India. The party is continuously getting stronger in South India, today there are 4 CMs in North East. Today we get more than 50% votes in many states. Today from North to South, from East to West, BJP is the only PAN India party.

In the inauguration program of the residential complex, PM Modi also attacked the opposition. He said that today the investigating agencies are being questioned. The roots of the corrupt have been shaken. All the corrupt have united. We campaigned against corruption. Some parties have launched a campaign to save corruption. Constitutional institutions are being attacked. The judicial system is being questioned. The decision of the court is being questioned.

PM Modi further said that the Congress party got a huge majority in the elections held after the 1984 riots. We were finished in 1984, but we didn't get discouraged, didn't get disheartened. We worked on the ground by going among the public and strengthening the organization. The journey of 2 Lok Sabha seats went up to 303 in 2019. PM Modi said that BJP gives opportunities to its workers. BJP has reached the pinnacle of power with the strength of its workers.