Urfi Javed spilled 'Dard e Disco', but why did users remember Raj Kundra?

Social media sensation Urfi Javed often remains in the headlines for his unusual style. Recently a video of him is going viral, due to which he is being trolled a lot.

Urfi Javed spilled 'Dard e Disco', but why did users remember Raj Kundra?

Along with many TV shows, OTT 'Big Boss', social media sensation Urfi Javed, who remains in the headlines for her quirky style and clothes, remains very active on social media. His fan following is also very large, who like his style and fashion sense very much, but following him also includes his trollers, who leave no stone unturned to troll him for his unusual style and fashion sense. . Recently, she has shared a video on her Instagram, about which the actress is getting trolled badly. In the video, the actress is seen dancing in a very bold style.

Not only this, Urfi is seen in the disco theme in the video. He has put a disco ball on his face. Along with this, he has also covered his body with disco mirrors. Also, in this video of him, the track 'Dard E Disco' of Shahrukh Khan's film 'Om Shanti Om' is being played behind. Sharing the video, Urfi wrote in the caption that 'Dard a disco, what makeup and hair credit should I give'.

While this video of Urfi is being liked, some are trolling the actress a lot for it too. A lot of comments are coming on this video of Urfi, in which users are telling the actress a lot of lies. Also, this video of Urfi Javed is becoming increasingly viral on social media, after which media users are commenting fast and praising Urfi's style statement and on the other hand are trolling him.

Not only this, but in the video, Urfi's face is covered with a mask, so in some comments, people are also telling her a Female Raj Kundra. One user writes that 'Urfi even left Sunny Leone behind'. At the same time, another user writes 'Now the time has come for the destruction of the earth'. Another user writes that 'Aaj ko e will not say that Urfi is wearing cold clothes'. Urfi remains in discussions about her boldness as well as her statements.