12 hours job, will have to work for seven days; Elon Musk's announcement for Twitter employees  

Tesla owner Elon Musk just bought Twitter. He has taken some big decisions related to changes in social media platforms. However, it seems that in this they do not see any concern for the interest of the employees. Looks like a huge loss to these employees. It is being told that Musk has announced to Twitter workers that they will have to work for 12 hours, seven days work. The employees are shocked by this decree.

Nov 3, 2022 - 11:01
Nov 3, 2022 - 19:38
12 hours job, will have to work for seven days; Elon Musk's announcement for Twitter employees          

Tesla's owner has taken some big decisions related to change as soon as he bought the social media platform Twitter. However, it seems that this is causing huge losses to the employees. According to information shared by sources, some Twitter engineers have been asked to work for 12 hours a day and seven days a week. Twitter managers have told employees that they will have to work extra hours to meet Elon Musk's new decisions on time.

"Twitter managers have instructed some employees to work seven days a week and 12-hour shifts every day to meet Elon Musk's aggressive decisions within deadlines," the report said.

The source also revealed that employees have been asked to work more without discussing overtime pay or job security. The engineers have reportedly been given an early November deadline. If they fail to meet the requirements they may lose their jobs. The report said that Elon Musk is threatening 50 percent layoffs to force employees to comply with the order.

Elon Musk plans to increase the price of Twitter Blue subscriptions and revise the verification process for blue ticks. For this, Musk has given Twitter engineers a deadline of November 7 to launch the paid verification feature, otherwise, they will lose their jobs.

Now people will have to pay $ 8 i.e. about 660 rupees every month for a blue tick on Twitter. Elon Musk has announced this. The discussion was going on for several days regarding this matter. Elon Musk made several tweets in a row. He wrote, who has a blue tick on Twitter and who doesn't? The current way of doing this is completely feudal and nonsense. There should be power in the hands of the people. Blue Tick will be given at the rate of only $8 a month.

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