1930: A helpline number started to protect against financial fraud through cybercrime

'1930' will save the victims of financial fraud money, and get back Rs 235 crore. More than 250 banks and financial intermediaries were linked to the helpline on the instructions of Union Home Minister Shah.

1930: A helpline number started to protect against financial fraud through cybercrime

Helpline number 1930 was started in view of financial fraud through increasing cybercrime across the country. The victims of financial fraud by cyber criminals will get great relief through this helpline number. Home Minister Amit Shah said that it is known to everyone that cybercriminals cheat people of crores by "fooling" them through various fake apps and websites. People lose lakhs of rupees by falling prey to many gaming apps.

In view of such large-scale complaints coming from different parts of the country, the Ministry of Home Affairs constituted Cyber Crime Portal and Cyber Crime Squad to ensure the safe use of digital systems. For this, a headquarter has also been set up in the capital Delhi.

Through CCTNS i.e. Criminal and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems, the headquarter has been directly linked to 99% of the police stations in the country so far. So far, about 28 crores of 98 lakh cases have been registered in the CCTNS National Database. Apart from this, more than 12 crore complaints have been resolved on CCTNS.

Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla told the magazine that its special feature is that the helpline number 1930 has been given a one-point solution to many problems ranging from card blocking to many facilities. At present, through this helpline number, more than Rs 235 crore has been recovered from more than one crore of 33 lakh people who were duped by cybercriminals.

On calling this number within 3 hours of the crime, action is taken by the task force under the immediate reporting system. As soon as the complaint is received, the concerned app or the account in which the money has gone to the complainant is frozen. Through better coordination with other banks and institutions, cybercriminals cannot use the looted money. Apart from this, cybercriminals are also caught through technical assistance.

The special thing is that so far an analytical report on the modus operandi of the top 50 cyber-attacks has been prepared by the ministry, on the basis of this report, the National Cyber Forensic Laboratory is also providing more than 5 thousand forensic services to all the states through investigation.

Apart from this, data of fingerprints of one crore 580266 people with criminal backgrounds have been prepared under the scheme named Nafees, through which police stations across the country will be helped in preventing crime and catching criminals.