Alia Bhatt, battling this disease after becoming a mother, said – fear haunts about daughter and work

Alia Bhatt: Alia Kapoor recently talked about her life in an interview during a magazine photoshoot. She told that these days she is very tense about her daughter and work. That's why she takes therapy. Also told why she keeps Raha away from the media.

Alia Bhatt, battling this disease after becoming a mother, said – fear haunts about daughter and work

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has become a mother only last year. After taking a break from work for some time, the actress is now focusing fully on her daughter, family and work. However, in the meantime, he has also started feeling a lot of tension. She often fears that she is managing both her work and her daughter properly. Because of this, he has also started taking therapy. Alia herself has disclosed this in a recent interview. She told how her life has changed after becoming a mother.

Alia told in an interview that 'I still feel guilty as a mother. It worries me to think whether I am doing the right thing in terms of my daughter and work. There is immense pressure on women to master both. People still have the old thinking that once you become a mother, you have to sacrifice your career. Because now you are not a model but a mother.

The actress further said that the challenges have increased for the new mom. He said that I think what people must be thinking. Do they think whether I am managing everything properly or not? If this judgment is not there in society, then you will be able to handle yourself well. Alia told that she is paying more attention to her mental health. So she goes to therapy every week. Where she can openly talk about all her fears.

Talking about the privacy of daughter Raha, Alia told that because of her fear, she does not want Raha Kapoor's picture to go viral on social media. Alia said that this is a personal matter. Paparaji always listens to him and he never takes pictures of Raha. she says.

Alia said, 'I believe that me and Ranbir are public figures and in such a situation everyone is eager to know our family. But I want to keep the daughter away from publicity. Significantly, the actress married Ranbir Kapoor in April last year. Both had welcomed the daughter in November.