BBC IT Raid: Income tax survey going on overnight in BBC offices, will continue even today

BBC IT Raid: The survey of the Income Tax Department will continue in BBC offices in Delhi and Mumbai even today. Transactions between 2012-13 are being investigated, on the other hand, the opposition has surrounded the government on this action.

BBC IT Raid: Income tax survey going on overnight in BBC offices, will continue even today

The income tax survey is going on in the Delhi and Mumbai offices of BBC from Tuesday. The income tax survey, which went on overnight in BBC offices, is expected to continue even today. According to media reports, the Income Tax team is conducting searches at the Delhi and Mumbai offices of BBC. During this, everyone's phones and laptops were confiscated. The atmosphere is hot after the IT survey at BBC's Delhi and Mumbai offices. The opposition is calling it a dictatorship. At the same time, the UK government also reacted to the matter and said that it is closely monitoring the situation.

No official statement related to the action has been revealed. However, UK government sources said they are closely monitoring the reports of the survey conducted in BBC offices in India.

The tweet of BBC Press also came to the fore on Tuesday regarding the matter. The tweet said that Income Tax officials are currently at the BBC's offices in New Delhi and Mumbai. We are fully cooperating. Along with this, he said that we hope that this situation will be resolved as soon as possible.

At the same time, tax officials say that this is not a raid but a survey. Everyone's phones will be returned and after a few hours, the phones and laptops were also returned. Income Tax sources said they needed some clarifications. For this, his team visited the BBC office and this is just a survey. Some information was available, due to which this survey is being done.

Officials in Delhi and Mumbai said surveys are being conducted to probe issues related to international taxation and transfer pricing of BBC subsidiaries. Officials alleged that the British broadcaster had been served notices earlier as well, but it did not comply with them and diverted its profits to a large extent.