Demand to form Renaming Commission to change the name of cities, PIL filed in Supreme Court  

PIL For Renaming Commission: A PIL has been filed in the Supreme Court for the renaming of cities. In this, a demand has been made to set up a naming commission. Mentioning the old names of many cities in the PLI, it has been demanded that they should be freed from the names of foreign invaders.

Demand to form Renaming Commission to change the name of cities, PIL filed in Supreme Court           

A few days ago, the Central Government has renamed the Mughal Garden located in Rashtrapati Bhavan as 'Amrit Udyan'. While some people opposed this decision of the government, a large number of people also appeared in its support. Even before this, the names of many cities, roads, stations etc. have been changed in other states including UP. In the midst of this custom of changing the name, a public interest litigation has now been filed in the Supreme Court. Which the petitioner has demanded the formation of a Renaming Commission to change the name of cities-roads etc. A lawyer named Ashwini Upadhyay has filed a petition in the Supreme Court for the formation of a naming commission. In which the petitioner has also mentioned the old and present names of many cities and the story of their naming.

The petitioner argued that many cities, buildings, roads, and institutions in India are named after foreign invaders. Those cities, buildings, roads and institutions which should be changed should be called by the old name. Citing Articles 21, 25 and 29 of the Indian Constitution, the petitioner has spoken of rectification of historical wrongs.

In the PLI, the petitioner has listed the names of about 100 cities, buildings, roads etc. Welcoming the decision to convert Mughal Garden into Amrit Udyan, the petitioner has sought indigenization by changing the names of Aurangzeb Road, Aurangabad, Allahabad, Rajpath and others.

The petitioner has written in the PLI that Delhi has a detailed history dating back to the Mahabharata period. But the characters of the Mahabharata period have not been given any importance in Delhi. It is written in the petition that with the blessings of Lord Krishna and Balarama, the Pandavas converted Khandavaprastha (deserted land) into Indraprastha (Delhi). But not a single road, municipal ward, village or assembly constituency is named after him.

The new and old names of the cities mentioned in the petition include Begusarai, Muzaffarpur, Bihar Sharif, Jamalpur, Darbhanga, etc. in Bihar. According to the petitioner, Ajatshatru Nagar was named after Barbar Begu, which is now known as Begusarai.

Keeping the name of Nalanda Vihar after Sharifuddin, it was made Bihar Sharif. The name of Darbhanga (Dwarbang) was changed to Darbhanga because of Darbhanga Khan. The name of Sinhajani was changed to Jamalpur after the name of Jamal Baba. Videhpur was renamed Muzaffarpur after the barbaric Muzaffar Khan.