H3N2 virus wreaks havoc after Corona: 6 deaths so far, know treatment and prevention

H3N2 Influenza Virus: After the coronavirus, now the H3N2 virus (influenza virus) is spreading rapidly. So far 6 people have died in the country due to the H3N2 virus. According to sources, death due to the H3N2 virus has been confirmed in Karnataka, Punjab and Haryana.

H3N2 virus wreaks havoc after Corona: 6 deaths so far, know treatment and prevention

After the epidemic coronavirus, now the H3N2 virus (influenza virus) started spreading. So far six people have died of influenza caused by the H3N2 virus. One death was recorded in Karnataka's Hassan district. Cases were also reported in Punjab and Haryana. A few days back Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar had said that there is no need to panic over the H3N2 virus.

In Karnataka, the deceased has been identified as Hire Gowda (82), who died on March 1. He was admitted to a hospital on 24 February. His samples were sent for testing on March 6, following which it was confirmed that he had died of the H3N2 virus. No other case was reported in the Hassan district.

India has been witnessing a sudden outbreak of H3N2 influenza with hospitals across the country reporting thousands of cases over the past few months. The H3N2 virus is a type of influenza virus called influenza A virus. It is a respiratory viral infection that causes diseases every year.

Dr. Randeep Guleria, former director of AIIMS-Delhi, said that influenza cases present with fever along with symptoms of sore throat, cough, body aches and runny nose. Apart from these, the symptoms also include diarrhea, vomiting and breathlessness. Dr. Randeep Guleria said that there has been an increase in cases because the virus has mutated and people's immunity against it has gone down. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) stated that the H3N2 virus causes more hospitalizations than others. The ICMR said that the fever goes away after three days, but the cough may persist for three weeks.

ICMR had issued an advisory asking people to avoid self-medication and the use of antibiotics in this influenza outbreak. ICMR has recommended the use of paracetamol in case of fever and body aches. Dr. Randeep Guleria said that the way to prevent catching the virus is by wearing masks in crowded places, washing hands frequently and maintaining a physical distance.