Incident happened at famous YouTuber Armaan Malik's house, both pregnant wives narrated their pain

Youtuber Armaan Malik: A very painful accident happened at the house of famous YouTuber Armaan Malik. Which has been narrated by both his pregnant wives themselves. Through this video, both the wives of Armaan Malik have told their pain about the big accident in the house.

Incident happened at famous YouTuber Armaan Malik's house, both pregnant wives narrated their pain

Famous YouTuber Armaan Malik often dominates social media regarding his personal life. The reason for this is his two wives. The name of the first wife is Payal Malik and the name of the second wife of Armaan Malik is Kritika Malik. Armaan lives in the same house with both his wives. Now both his wives are pregnant. At this time both the wives of Armaan are enjoying their pregnancy period a lot. This is the information about his personal life. But now it will be better if you listen carefully to the information that you are going to get. Because hearing this will melt your heart and you will not be able to hold back your tears. As you have come to know that both the wives of Armaan are pregnant and they continuously make and upload videos on social media. Both have several million followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. So during this, a painful accident happened at Payal and Kritika's house.

Famous YouTuber Armaan Malik makes videos for his YouTube channel with both of his wives. And both Armaan's wives Kritika Malik and Payal Malik keep sharing home-related videos on Armaan's YouTube channel. At the same time, recently both have shared a video, seeing which their followers are surprised. It is told in the video that a big accident has happened in his house. You will also be surprised to see this video.

A video has been shared on Armaan Malik's YouTube channel, in which it is seen that guests have come to Kritika and Payal's house and how both of them went out for Navratri shopping. Then suddenly something happened the whole building shook. Everyone has survived the accident with great difficulty. In this video, Payal is looking very scared. Because his 6-year-old son was present at home during that accident. Yes, Payal and Armaan already have a son whom everyone fondly calls Cheeku.

Actually, it happened that the earthquake is also being talked about in this video. Payal narrates how everyone panicked and people from the entire building gathered downstairs. Payal tells that she even refused to go in the lift. Everyone was horrified. This incident was talked about in the caption, Payal tells that after this incident everyone was definitely scared but everything is fine, nothing wrong happened. You also see this dangerous and painful video.