Momin 'O brother kill me..' ready to play against India in Asia Cup, said - I will score three centuries!

A new video of Momin Shakib regarding Asia Cup 2022 is now becoming very viral. In the video, he is practicing NAT and is preparing to play in the Asia Cup. You will enjoy watching this video.

Aug 26, 2022 - 00:34
Aug 26, 2022 - 10:27
Momin 'O brother kill me..' ready to play against India in Asia Cup, said - I will score three centuries!

In the year 2019 World Cup, India defeated Pakistan. You will remember that at that time a young man from Pakistan, Momin Shakib, came into the limelight with his words. Usnu had said such things about the defeat of Pakistan that it had become viral. Angry at Pakistan's defeat, Momin's 'O Bhai Maro Mujhe ..' dialogue is still famous. Well, Momin has once again come into the limelight with one of his videos. He is ready to play in the Asia Cup 2022 and is practicing NET. What Momin has said in this video is also going viral now. In fact, a few days ago, Pakistan's fast bowler Shaheen Afridi was ruled out of this tournament due to injury. Momin's video has surfaced regarding this.

This video of Momin is now becoming very viral. If you also watch this video then you will enjoy it. Momin is practicing and during this time he was asked what he is doing. Momin said I am practicing. If Shahid Afridi is not playing then someone has to think about it. If the team needs me, then I myself will go on the field and score three hundred.

The funny thing is that Momin is seen practicing with a pad. On this Momin was asked why he is doing this. You will also laugh after hearing Momin's answer. Momin said that if a person can walk with one kidney, then one pad can also bat.

After the defeat of Pakistan in 2019, Momin had done a lot of evil to his team. He also makes great reels on Instagram. He has also become very famous because of his reels. Now he is going to be very famous in Asia Cup also. If Pakistan performs poorly, then a new video of Momin will come out.

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