Mukesh Khanna's mercury rose after seeing Saif Ali as Ravana, said- 'If you have courage, then play with your religion... such a slap'

For a long time, Prabhas's most awaited film 'Adipurush' has now landed in controversies. There has been a ruckus ever since the release of the teaser of the film. People are surprised to see Ravana's look in the film and are comparing it with Khilji. So far many celebrities have given their feedback on this and now Mukesh Khanna's statement has come out on this.

Mukesh Khanna's mercury rose after seeing Saif Ali as Ravana, said- 'If you have courage, then play with your religion... such a slap'

Prabhas's most awaited film 'Adipurush' is being discussed for a long time. There is a lot of buzz about the film. Now the teaser of the film has been released, after which there is a ruckus. People are shocked to see Ravana's look in the film. Along with this, despite being a big-budget film, the VFX of the film has disappointed people. Now Mukesh Khanna has expressed displeasure about the teaser.

Mukesh Khanna has shared a video on his YouTube channel and he has targeted the entire controversy from the cast of the film to the makers. The actor said 'When Saif Ali Khan said while playing the role of Ravana that I wanted to give it a form of humour, then I gave my reaction to it.

Mukesh Khanna further said that 'when we talk about Ramayana, it means that we want to take advantage of Ramayana. Who are you to make fun of our religion? Say something about your religion. Do you dare?'

Linking it to the boycott of films, Mukesh Khanna says, 'At a time when films are being boycotted from place to place, if you are giving fingers again, then people will hold hands.'

You seem to be making fun of religion. Na Ram, looking like Ram. Na Hanuman is looking like Hanuman. No Ravan, it looks like Ravan. Then you would call it freedom of expression. You show it by doing it on your religion.'

Mukesh Khanna said, 'If you play with Hinduism if you change the look of the gods and goddesses, the film will not work. Mukesh Khanna said, 'The same thing is going on on all the channels that it (Saif Ali Khan turned Raavan) seems to be Mohammad Khilji, not Raavan.'

Mukesh Khanna said, 'It is true that it does not seem like our Ravan. The Mughal character was given a Mughal look. Where is Ram, where is Ramayana and where is this Mughal look? are you kidding? This film will not work. If you think that only special effects will make the film a hit, then you are wrong. Ramayana cannot be made by spending 100 or one thousand crores. Ramayana is built on his values, faith, looks and dialogues.

Mukesh Khanna further said, 'If you want to change 'Ramayana' by giving the look of 'Avatar' film, then do not say that we are making Ramayana. You say that we are making something. Some Adipurush belonged to the Stone Age. Where the bats are flying. They come flying by sitting on top of the birds. Ten-headed Ravana, from where did you show it? Knowing is going to happen. You will show him ten heads, give him the look of Alauddin Khilji, then people will not laugh at you. This is not a good sign. Its outcome will not be good.

Mukesh Khanna put the look of all the characters in the dock. He said that every God has a look which is imprisoned in the minds of the people. If you make the same change, then you may have invested 400-500 or 900-1000 crores on the film... Your film will not work because you are taking advantage of their faith. If you challenge with such a look that this is our Ram, Ravana or Hanuman, then people will take back that faith, then people will slap you in such a way that they will not even know. Like being killed nowadays, without watching the film, the boycott is being done, but then the same thing arises, why only on our religion?