Uproar on Indo-Nepal border in Uttarakhand, many labourers of India injured in stone pelting from Nepal  

India-Nepal Border Tension News: A new dispute has arisen on the India and Nepal border. In Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, Indian labourers working in the border areas of both countries were pelted with stones from Nepal's side. In which many Indians were injured. After this, tension deepened on both sides.

Dec 6, 2022 - 19:31
Uproar on Indo-Nepal border in Uttarakhand, many labourers of India injured in stone pelting from Nepal          

India-Nepal Border Tension News: There has once again been a ruckus on the Indo-Nepal border. This time the dispute has deepened on the border located in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. Here on the evening of Sunday, December 4, Indian labourers were pelted with stones from the Nepal side. Due to this many labourers got injured. After this, the tension between the two countries deepened. The trade union had closed the Indo-Nepal bridge in protest against the incidents of stone pelting by Nepal in Dharchula, Pithoragarh. Due to this the movement between the two countries through Pithoragarh's Dharchula was stopped. However, the bridge has been opened later on the persuasion of the officials. On the other hand, while giving information about the incident to the Government of Nepal, the Indian officer demanded strict action against those who pelted stones.

According to the information received, Indian labourers were constructing an embankment on the Kali river in the Dharchula area of the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. This dispute is being told about this construction. Nepali citizens are opposing this construction. On Sunday evening, when the Indian labourers were engaged in the construction of the embankment, the incident of stone pelting took place from the Nepal side. In which many labourers were injured.

Confirming the incident, Dharchula's Joint Magistrate Divesh Shashani said that we had told the Nepal administration that you will have to take strict action against stone pelters. Divesh Shashani was seen explaining to people who were angry after the stone pelting on the Indo-Nepal border. After which the bridge connecting the two countries has been opened.

No official statement has come out from Nepal on this incident so far. Here Dharchula Trade Board President Bhupendra Thapa said that we have submitted a memorandum to the Joint Magistrate. We have protested against the brutal manner in which our local people have been beaten up by the Nepalese side. The administration has asked for 3 days' time, if action is not taken then the bridge will be closed again.

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