Victory memorial to be built to save memories of World Cup 2011, Dhoni will inaugurate

World Cup 2011 memories: It is believed that the 16th season of IPL could be the last season of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. That's why Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) wants to honour him. The land where Dhoni's winning six took place is going to be a grand monument.

Apr 4, 2023 - 16:32
Victory memorial to be built to save memories of World Cup 2011, Dhoni will inaugurate

Exactly 2 days before today, it was the day when in the year 2011, Mahendra Singh Dhoni made India a world champion by hitting Sri Lankan fast bowler Kulasekara for a six in the final match of the World Cup. Dhoni's grand memorial will be built at the spot where the ball landed. The memories of the whole country are attached to this one six. Everyone feels proud remembering this moment. In this sequence, the Mumbai Cricket Association has decided that when Dhoni will play at Wankhede on 8th April, he will be honoured there. An official associated with the Mumbai Cricket Association says that the player has given such a big country a reason to smile many times alone. Under his captaincy, India became the world champion twice. It would be a privilege for us to build a memorial here in his honour.

MCA President Amol Kale says that if Dhoni's approval is given, we would like him to lay the foundation stone of the Winning Six Memorial before the match on 8th April. After this, the Association will also honour him after the inauguration of the World Cup Victory Memorial. Kale says that a grand Winning Six Memorial will be built by the Mumbai Cricket Association at the spot where Dhoni hit the six.

This is not the first time that a player is being honoured because of the winning six he has hit. Earlier New Zealand player Grant Elliott got this honour. Because of the six hits against South Africa in the semi-final of the 2015 World Cup, where the ball landed, a mural was built in Eliot's honour. So that whenever any cricket lover comes here in future, he can know about that historic six.

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