WHO's big claim on Corona, said- this year the danger of Covid may remain like seasonal flu

A big claim of the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding Corona has come to the fore. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that this year we will be in a position to say that Covid-19 as an emergency is over.

WHO's big claim on Corona, said- this year the danger of Covid may remain like seasonal flu

For the past few days, along with corona, the risk of the H3N2 influenza virus has increased in the country. An increase has also been seen in the number of corona patients. Along with this, many cases of H3N2 were reported from different states of the country. Amidst the apprehension of increasing the risk of both these diseases, the governments of many states along with the Center have also issued advisories. According to this an appeal has been made to avoid going to crowded places. Amidst the concern of Corona and the H3N2 virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) has made a big claim regarding Corona. The WHO said that the COVID-19 pandemic is now ending as an emergency. The organization said it may now pose a risk of seasonal flu. WHO said that Corona has caused more than seven million deaths in the whole world so far. But now the menace of this disease is nearing its end.

The WHO said that the corona could end this year as a 'public health emergency of international concern' and pose a threat of seasonal flu. "I am confident that this year we will be able to say that COVID-19 as a public health emergency of international concern is over," WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a media briefing.

And I think we're getting to a point where we can look at COVID-19 the same way we look at seasonal influenza, he said. The WHO chief said that Covid will continue to be a threat to human health. This virus will continue to kill but is not disrupting our societies or disrupting our hospital systems.

The WHO director said the virus may be more contagious but does not cause serious illness. On March 11, 2020, COVID-19 was marked as a pandemic. "We declared a global health emergency to prompt countries to take decisive action, but not all countries have done so," he said on Friday.

The WHO director said that after three years, there have been almost seven million deaths from Covid-19, although we know that the real number of deaths is much higher. He said that for the first time, the weekly number of reported deaths in the past four weeks has been less than when the virus was declared a pandemic. Yet more than 5,000 deaths have been recorded per week. This is too much for a disease that can be prevented and treated, said the WHO chief.