Yashpal Sharma Said On Receiving The National Award For The Haryanvi Film 'Dada Lakhmi', Said- This Is The Sweet Fruit Of My 5 Years Of Hard Work

One stubbornness is the name of one passion: Yashpal Sharma

Yashpal Sharma Said On Receiving The National Award For The Haryanvi Film 'Dada Lakhmi', Said- This Is The Sweet Fruit Of My 5 Years Of Hard Work

Yashpal Sharma did not reach from Hisar to Mumbai like this. One stubbornness, one passion is the name of Yashpal Sharma. I have been living in Hisar for the last twenty-five years and have written several times after talking to his elder brother Ghanshyam Das Sharma. Now Yashpal Sharma has stepped into acting as well as direction and made his first film - 'Dada Lakhmi', which has been announced by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to be given the National Award in the category of regional film. Yashpal is very angry with this and is saying that I have got the sweet fruit of my five years of hard work and I have tried to repay the debt of the soil of Haryana by making this Haryanvi film. 'Dada Lakhmi' is our hero, the flag bearer of culture.

Yashpal Sharma had a lot of passion for theater
Elder brother Ghanshyam Das told how much passion Yashpal had for theater that he used to stage Ramlila by gathering the children of Canal Colony of Hisar. played a religious role. When Rajiv Manchanda, an NSD pass out from Hisar, caught sight of him, he gave him some tips. Studied in both DN College and Government College in Hisar and when Yashpal got the Best Actor Award for the role of 'Bechara Bhagwan' in the Youth Festival, he started thinking very seriously about becoming an actor and one year at Panjab University K in Indian Theater and then went to Delhi after getting selected in NSD.

There are four brothers and two sisters in the family
We are four brothers and two sisters in the family. Father Premchand Sharma had a small job and a small quarter. We eight beings happily remained with each other's support in this. As far as expenses, Yashpal and I did silver work and Yashpal used to make very beautiful mangalsutras and other things. We both drove rickshaws sometimes for money. Yashpal himself borne the expenses of Delhi's NSD. Sometimes I would go to meet Delhi, I would have given some support according to my status. Then he got involved in the repertory and then the expenses also started coming. In NSD itself, Pratibha Suman was introduced and then married. Pratibha is also giving a lot of support.

Yashpal Sharma went to Mumbai in the year 1996
Gaya to Mumbai in the year 1996 and I left Gaya together as an elder brother. Started the struggle in Vanarai Colony by paying four thousand rupees in advance for two months by going to the local train. The first commercial film I got - was Arjun Pandit with Sunny Deol. In this, he was in the role of Sunny's friend. The first film from which Yashpal got recognition was Aamir Khan's 'Lagaan' which created a buzz for its role as Lakha. Then it didn't look back. Gangajal, Aapnaan, Singh is Kinng, Rowdy Rathod, and many more films and how many roles were liked. All kinds of role-comedy and villain roles. Then the passion happened to make a Haryanvi film and said in a big program that now I will make a Haryanvi film and if I get any role with Amitabh Bachchan, then I will not even produce this film. That is complete dedication to 'Dada Lakhmi'. Ready to make every sacrifice. After all, its hard work showed color and gave a good film to Haryanvi cinema,

Yashpal got this success after a hard struggle
Talking about the nature of Bollywood actor Yashpal, the elder brother said that since childhood, Yashpal did not want to trouble anyone in the house. He would secretly climb the wall in the middle of the night, return from his rehearsals, eat the covered food kept in the kitchen and sleep silently. After a very hard struggle, today our family has found this happiness. The biggest quality is the ability to take everyone along from the beginning. Artists from all over Haryana have been connected through film festivals and litterateurs through creation festivals. He continued to win prizes for his interest in literature and also in poetry readings. The younger brother Rajesh told that when he was younger, his mother would scold him to do some work, what is there in this Ramlila, but after walking from Ramlila, the brothers reached Mumbai and today illuminated the name of entire Haryana. Brother has dedicated his banner and film to his mother only.

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