7 more bodies recovered in Uttarkashi avalanche, death toll rises to 26, search for 3 continues

So far 26 bodies have been recovered in Uttarakhand's Uttarkashi avalanche. On October 4, while returning after climbing, a group of climbers came under the grip of an avalanche on Draupadi's Danda-2 peak at an altitude of 17 thousand feet.

Oct 8, 2022 - 02:23
Oct 8, 2022 - 05:13
7 more bodies recovered in Uttarkashi avalanche, death toll rises to 26, search for 3 continues

29 members of the team of Nehru Mountaineering Institute, which had set out for training in the high Himalayan region in Uttarakhand's Uttarkashi, went missing after being hit by an avalanche in the Dokrani Bamak glacier area on Sunday. Of these, 26 bodies have been recovered so far. Today on Friday, the bodies of 7 more climbers have been recovered. Right now 3 climbers are missing. The rescue operation is still on. The rescue team is constantly facing challenges due to bad weather. The Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) gave this information on Friday.

According to the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, 7 more bodies were recovered on Friday during the rescue work on Friday. That is, a total of 26 bodies have been removed so far. While the search and rescue operation is on for the remaining 3 trainees.

It is being told that efforts are being made to bring the dead bodies to Matli helipad by helicopter from the spot, but due to bad weather, four bodies landed on Harshit helipad. After which the dead bodies were sent to Uttarkashi by road. As soon as the dead bodies reached Uttarkashi, there was a furore among the family members. The post-mortem of the dead bodies is going on in the district hospital. These bodies will be handed over to the relatives after the post-mortem.

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