Another scandal in the flight: Drunken passenger did such a thing, went to jail

IndiGo flight: The person was trying to open the Emergency Door Flap of the flight in an inebriated state. A 40-year-old passenger has been arrested on an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Bangalore.

Apr 8, 2023 - 11:34
Another scandal in the flight: Drunken passenger did such a thing, went to jail

Indigo flight For the past few days, incidents of misbehaving by intoxicated passengers during flights are continuously coming to the fore. Despite the action against the culprits, this news is not coming down. Now a new case has come to light in Indigo flight. An inebriated passenger tried to open the emergency door flap of IndiGo's Delhi-Bengaluru flight mid-air. The 40-year-old passenger has been arrested.

The incident took place on Friday, April 7 at around 7:56 am on board Delhi-Bengaluru Indigo flight 6E 308 that took off from IGI Airport. An intoxicated passenger tried to open the emergency door flap while the flight was still in the air. After this, the crew member informed the captain of the aircraft. The Captain warned the man on the spot. After this, when the plane was about to land at the Bangalore airport, the man was handed over to the CISF.

Indigo Airlines has issued its statement regarding this incident. The airline said that after noticing the movement, the crew on board alerted the captain. The passenger was immediately suitably cautioned. No compromise was made on the safe operation of that flight. On reaching Bengaluru, the passenger has been handed over to CISF. Further investigation of the matter is underway.

Let us tell you that even before this many such cases have come to the fore in Indigo. Earlier on April 1, a 62-year-old Swedish national, in an inebriated state, allegedly molested a 24-year-old cabin crew on a Bangkok-Mumbai Indigo Airlines flight. Not only this, he assaulted a co-passenger and created a ruckus on the flight. The incident took place on Indigo flight 6E-1052.

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