Earthquake again in Delhi today, with magnitude of 2.7

Delhi Earthquake: Earthquake tremors were felt in Delhi today for the second day. After the earthquake on Tuesday night, once again the earth shook in the capital of the country.

Earthquake again in Delhi today, with magnitude of 2.7

Two consecutive earthquake cases were seen in the country's capital Delhi in two days. Last night i.e. on Tuesday, March 21, around 10.17 pm, there was an earthquake in Delhi, the epicentre of which was Hindukush in Afghanistan. Earthquake in some parts of North India Earthquake tremors was felt late at night. Earthquake tremors were felt once again in Delhi today. According to reports, earthquake tremors were again felt in the country's capital today, Wednesday, March 22.

The intensity of the earthquake that hit Delhi today was not high. The intensity of this earthquake on the Richter scale was only 2.7. The tremor was mild, but people in many parts of Delhi felt it. According to the report, this earthquake occurred at 4.22 pm today. The depth of this earthquake was 5 kilometres below the ground.

There was no damage in today's earthquake in Delhi. Due to the low intensity, there was no damage of any kind.

In the last few months, cases of earthquakes are increasing all over the world. Many cases of earthquakes are being seen in many places around the world including Asia. Some of these earthquakes have also been very destructive, such as the earthquake in Turkey. India has also seen several cases of earthquakes in the last few months. The land of the country's capital Delhi has been shaken by earthquakes more than once in the last few months.