Flight leaves 55 passengers on board, DGCA sends notice to Go First

GoFirst flight from Bangalore to Delhi went off without taking 55 passengers, during which the passengers were coming towards the flight by a bus while the flight was taking off. DGCA has sought a report from the airlines regarding this.

Flight leaves 55 passengers on board, DGCA sends notice to Go First

A shocking case has come to light from Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, where GoFirst flight G8-116 took off without picking up 55 passengers. According to media reports, this matter is on Monday i.e. last day, January 9 at around 6.30 am. After the security check, 4 buses were sent to take the passengers to the flight, out of which the first 2 buses went ahead. At the same time, the flight took off without taking the passengers sitting in the other two buses. However, as soon as the mistake was discovered, the airlines sent all the passengers to Delhi after 4 hours on another flight.

Tagging the airlines, Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia and the PMO, several people complained on Twitter about the incident, stating that around 55 passengers kept waiting in the bus while the flight took off. Responding to all these tweets, GoFirst Airlines said, "We are sorry for the inconvenience caused."

The DGCA has sought a report from GoFirst Airlines in the incident in which the flight that took off from Bengaluru miscarried 55 passengers. According to the news agency, 53 out of 55 passengers were sent to Delhi through another airline. On the other hand, 2 people have asked for a refund, whose money has been refunded by the airlines.

According to media reports, the passengers who had left without taking the first flight G8-116 had to wait for 4 hours for the second flight. Along with this, all the passengers had to get the security check done again.