Indore Market: Gold becomes expensive, silver prices shine

Indore Market: In this festive season, consumers have to buy expensive gold and silver. In Indore, gold has reached the level of 52600 rupees and silver 59200 rupees in cash.

Aug 9, 2022 - 00:10
Aug 9, 2022 - 01:01
Indore Market: Gold becomes expensive, silver prices shine

Consumers are now finding it expensive to buy gold and silver during the festive season. Due to the rapid rise in the international market, gold and silver increased in the domestic market. Compared to Saturday's closing price, gold has increased by Rs 100 per ten grams and silver by Rs 800 per kilo. After going up to $ 1786.50 an ounce on Comex, it was at $ 1784.10 an ounce. Silver traded higher at $ 20.41 an ounce and later settled at $ 20.26 an ounce. Indore bullion market closing price: Gold Cadbury (99.50) Rs 52200 per ten grams. Silver (SA) stood at Rs 59,100 per kg. Gold Cadbury Rs 53400 per ten grams in RTGS. Silver (SA) Chaurasa stood at Rs 59,100 a kg. The silver coin stood at Rs 750 per piece.

On MCX futures trading on Monday, the price of gold jumped by Rs 97 and is trading at Rs 52,490 per ten grams.
According to HDFC Securities, due to the fall in the rupee and the rise in gold prices in the international market, there was a slight increase in gold prices. In the previous trading session, gold was trading at Rs 52,393 per ten grams. On Monday, silver prices also saw an increase. Silver is trading at Rs 58,465 per kg by jumping Rs 527. In this last trading session, silver was selling at Rs 57,938 per kg. The rupee weakened by 22 paise to 79.46 against the dollar in early trade on Monday. Talking about the international market, gold is trading strong at the rate of USD 1786 per ounce. At the same time, silver is trading at the rate of US $ 20.41 per ounce.

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