Jewellery shop owner gives car and bike to employees as Diwali gifts

A Chennai jewellery shop owner has given a car and a bike to his employees as a Diwali gift. The shop owner said that the employees are like our family, who supported us even in difficult times.

Jewellery shop owner gives car and bike to employees as Diwali gifts

Diwali festival is near. On this occasion, most companies give some gifts to their employees apart from sweets. Some of these companies give such gifts to their employees, which are discussed everywhere. One such case has come from Chennai, where the owner of a jewellery shop has given cars to 10 employees and bikes to 18 employees. Due to the happiness of many employees on receiving such a special gift, tears came out of their eyes.

According to media reports, the 10 people who have been given the car are working with them from the beginning. No employee knew about this gift in advance, as soon as suddenly the gift was given to the employees, everyone was surprised.

Jewellery shop owner Jayanti Lal said that the employees supported me in every up and down. These employees supported us in crises like corona epidemic. During Corona, where it was common to go to another company for more money, even at that time, these people supported us, who are like our family. That's why this gift has been given to encourage them.

Jayanthi Lal said that "For me, employees are not just employees but family." He said that every employer should give gifts to his employees. While talking to a private channel, an employee told that "No employee was aware of this. Cars and bikes were covered with a big cover. It was all our boss Jayanti Lal Challani's idea that Let us all be surprised. The staff members got emotional with this move of the owner, due to which many employees got teary-eyed."