Mother Vanita said on the allegation of not giving money to Tunisha Sharma - I have all the evidence, will not spare Sheezan

Tunisha Sharma's Mother On Sheezan Khan's Family Allegations: TV actress Tunisha Sharma's mother Vanita Sharma has given her response to the allegations levelled by Sheezan Khan's family. Along with this, he has also talked about the truth of not giving money to the actress.

Mother Vanita said on the allegation of not giving money to Tunisha Sharma - I have all the evidence, will not spare Sheezan

TV actress Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case shook the entire TV industry. After the death of the actress, her mother Vanita Sharma filed a case accusing her daughter's ex-boyfriend and co-actor Sheezan Khan of abetment to suicide. After which Sheezan is in judicial custody till January 13, 2023. Meanwhile, the actor's family made several allegations against Tunisha's mother, to which Vanita Sharma has now given her response. He has rejected all the allegations levelled by Sheezan's mother Kahkashan Faisu.

Through a recent press conference, Sheezan Khan Arrest's mother Kahkashan Faisu, both sisters Falak Naz and Shafak Naz had made several allegations against Tunisha's mother Vanita Sharma. The actor's mother said that Tunisha's mother used to force her daughter to work. She used to take all the money from her late daughter. Vanita Sharma has now broken her silence on these allegations. He said that he transferred three lakhs to his daughter in three months and her bank statement would also prove the same.

Vanita Sharma said in an interview with a media house, I am not going to spare Sheezan. I have lost my daughter. I am not here to understand the relationship. I am here to get justice. Sheezan and his entire family are involved in this. Tunisha was my life. He never hid anything from me. He further said that in the last 3-4 months, Tunisha was getting close to Sheejan's family. The whole family used Tunisha.

Talking about Tunisha and Sheezan's breakup, Vanitha said that she was in pain during the breakup. She had said, 'I was cheated, Sheezan used me'. I told him to focus on the show. Sheezan even slapped Tunisha. Tunisha had told her friends that Sheezan used to do drugs and was being forced to do so. He had started smoking cigarettes. I want all the reports. Vanitha also accuses Sheejan's mother of troubling Tunisha by talking about her girlfriends.

Significantly, Tunisha Sharma allegedly committed suicide (Tunisha Sharma's Death) on the set of the TV show Ali Baba: Dastan-e-Kabul on 24 December. The late actress' co-actor and ex-boyfriend Sheezan Khan was taken into custody on charges of abetment to suicide. Now Tunisha's mother Vanita has spoken about her daughter's death and the allegations against her.