Twinkle Khanna had got Akshay Kumar's medical history extracted before marriage

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna are the hit couples in the film world. People like them a lot together. They are also called the perfect couple of Bollywood. The two tied the knot on 17 January 2001. Even after two decades, the couple is very happy together, but do you know that before marriage, the actress got Akshay Kumar's medical history out?

Aug 30, 2022 - 22:47
Aug 30, 2022 - 23:20
Twinkle Khanna had got Akshay Kumar's medical history extracted before marriage

It is absolutely true that before marriage, the actress had taken out Akshay Kumar's medical history. Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna met during a photoshoot for Filmfare. On seeing Twinkle, at first sight, Akshay Kumar was in awe of her.

In a chat show, Twinkle had told that she had made a list of many relatives from Akshay Kumar to his family and on the basis of this he had gathered much health-related information. They gathered information ranging from family history to illness, age to graying and loss of hair.

Twinkle Khanna had said about the list, 'What diseases are running in her family. At what age did his uncle die and at what age did his family hair fall? How did Kanchan Chachi die? So I am asking him about this because I am very worried about his family. So I had this chart, it was a genetic chart.

Twinkle Khanna was also revealed to make another list in Koffee With Karan. He had told- Before marrying Akshay, a chart was also made about the pros and cons. In this, I had written that what would be the benefit and harm to me by marrying him. During this, when Karan Johar asked – what were the disadvantages? Twinkle replied – There were two losses and 8 gains, which are still the same. So no one could tell me what I was doing. It's exactly like the bedside and I didn't hide anything from it.

Before marriage, Twinkle Khanna worked in many great films, but after marriage, she has become a good writer by staying away from the world of the limelight. Both Akshay and Twinkle Khanna worked together in the film International Khiladi. During the shooting of this film, the closeness between the two had increased.

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