Ukraine's President Zelensky car accident in the midst of war with Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's vehicle was hit by a car collision in Kyiv on Wednesday. Zelensky suffered "no serious injuries". According to a statement by the President's press secretary, "a car collided with the car of the President of Ukraine and escort vehicles." The doctors accompanying Zelensky provided emergency assistance to the driver of the car and sent him to an ambulance. "A doctor examined the president, and no serious injuries were found," the statement said.

Ukraine's President Zelensky car accident in the midst of war with Russia

Ukrainian President Zelensky's car met with an accident in the midst of a war with Russia. The incident occurred when the president was returning from the eastern parts of Ukraine to visit places that have been taken back from Russian military occupation. Ukrainian media portal The Kyiv Independent quoted Zelensky's spokesman as saying, Volodymyr Zelensky's car collided with the car. Although he has not suffered any serious injuries, he is not seriously injured. Zelensky's spokesman, Sergey Nikiforov, said in a Facebook post on September 15 that a car and motorcycle collided with the president's car. No one has suffered serious injuries.

According to the media portal, after the accident, a doctor conducted a medical examination of President Volodymyr Zelensky. After which it was told that Zelensky was not seriously injured. The medical team accompanying Zelensky gave his driver first aid and he was admitted to a hospital.

Here the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is entering a new phase. Kyiv has dealt a major blow to Moscow's hold on parts of the east with a fast-paced offensive that saw Ukrainian troops enter the strategic city of Izium after six months of occupation. Simultaneously when Ukrainian forces entered the city of Izium on Saturday, it was more than a significant military victory.

According to media reports, this was a sign that Russian troops have been scrambling to recapture the territory they hold over the past six months. Earlier on Wednesday, Zelensky visited the newly liberated Izium in Kharkiv's northeastern region, five days after the country's military recaptured the city.