Vijay Varma's anger on the boycott trend said- 'Now the water is going above the head'

For some time, suppose Bollywood celebs have come under the target of people, due to which their films are getting paid for it. The proof of this is the films falling flat at the box office. With the announcement of the film, the demand for their boycott starts rising. After Arjun Kapoor, now actor Vijay Varma has raised his voice on this. They believe that now the water is going above the head.

Vijay Varma's anger on the boycott trend said- 'Now the water is going above the head'

Actor Vijay Varma was seen opposite Alia Bhatt in the recently released 'Darlings'. People liked the film a lot. Now the actor's reaction has come to the films being boycotted. He told that the film 'Darlings' also had to face boycotting before its release.

During the interview, Vijay told that "This culture can scare you. Now it has gone over the head. I think what you would have said 10 years ago, could have become controversial. It must have been quite popular at that time, But this is not the case today. I think you can't cancel anything like that."

He further added that for example, "I go to a house in Rajasthan and there I find tiger and leopard skins on display. It will be common practice to put animal skins on display when that house is built. Now we have to. It is understandable how dangerous it is for wildlife and animals. But the people of that time, a family whose four generations saw animal skins on the wall and did not educate themselves. Can we cancel them?"

Vijay said "If they haven't changed themselves according to the times and haven't educated themselves. Then should we treat them so badly that we can cancel them? These are some things that I keep thinking about I don't have the answer to these things, I think it is very important to change oneself according to education and time. But time and trends are changing very fast.

Talking about the film Darling, it is a dark comedy film. Alia and Vijay Varma are in the lead role in this film. The film was released on Netflix on August 5 and was well received.