10 thousand deaths in 7 days, 36 lakh new cases, Corona is scaring the whole world again

Corona Virus Update: Along with the suffering of winter, the corona is spreading very fast all over the world. In many countries of the world including China, Japan, Brazil, and America, the number of new corona patients is increasing rapidly.

10 thousand deaths in 7 days, 36 lakh new cases, Corona is scaring the whole world again

Corona is again increasing very fast. The number of new corona patients is increasing rapidly all over the world. Along with the number of patients, the death toll due to corona is also increasing rapidly. The whole world is worried about the increasing cases of Corona. If we talk about the last seven days, in the last seven days more than 36 lakh new cases of the corona were found in the whole world. Death of more than 10 thousand people has been recorded due to corona in the last seven days. Corona has created an outcry in China. In view of the huge increase in the number of corona patients, the government in India is also on alert. Today in India the Union Health Minister has called a big meeting on Corona. Officers from all the states will also be present. Similarly in the year 2020, the corona had increased very rapidly in the cold season. After which the whole world came under its spell. Looking at the current situation, the same fear is haunting me again.

Talking about the last 24 hours, 72297 new cases were found in Japan, 55016 in Germany, 29579 in Brazil, 22578 in America, and 26622 new patients in South Korea. After the removal of the Zero Covid policy in China, the official data has stopped. But the information that is being received about China from media reports is very scary.

After the relaxation of Corona restrictions in China, the pace of infection is increasing rapidly. The situation is so serious that long queues are forming outside the hospitals, and patients are not getting beds. Due to the deaths due to Corona, there is a line of dead bodies in the crematorium as well. Waiting for last rites has reached 2000. Experts say that corona cases in China are doubling not in days, but in hours.

According to the organization that prepares the data of Covid patients around the world, in the last seven days, 36 lakh 32 thousand 109 new cases were found around the world. 1055578 in Japan, 460766 in South Korea, 384184 in France, 284200 in Brazil, 272075 in the USA, 223227 in Germany, 109577 in Hong Kong, and 107381 new patients have been found in Taiwan. China's figure is not available after restrictions were eased following protests in China. According to the organization, in the last seven days, more than 10,000 deaths have occurred due to corona in the whole world.

American scientist and epidemiologist Eric Feigel-Ding have shared shocking videos of China on social media. In these, the condition of hospitals, crematoriums and medical stores is worrisome. Giving a big warning on Corona, he said that in 90 days, 60% of China's population and 10% of the world's people will be infected with Corona. There is a possibility of about 10 lakh deaths.

India is also alert in view of the increase in the number of new patients in Corona. India's Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has written a letter to all states and union territories asking them to send samples of all positive cases for genome sequencing so that new variants of corona can be detected. Today the Union Health Minister is going to have a high-level meeting on this.