Cars damaged by floods in Bangalore? Victims of the 2015 floods in Chennai told what precautions to be taken

Several vehicles including Bentley, Lexus and Audi were submerged in water for hours due to floods in Bengaluru. In such a situation, if your car is damaged, then some precautions have to be taken, otherwise, you will not even get an insurance claim. Professor KN Arun, a victim of the Chennai floods in 2015, shared his experience and told about the precautions.

Cars damaged by floods in Bangalore? Victims of the 2015 floods in Chennai told what precautions to be taken

Heavy rains have created an outcry in Bangalore, causing a loss of crores of rupees to IT companies. At the same time, the flood caused by heavy rains submerged other cars along with expensive cars like Bentley, Audi and Lexus worth crores. The vehicles were submerged in water for several hours and days due to the floods. In such a situation, whoever saw such a photo, only one question arose in his mind what will happen to these vehicles now? Will insurance claims be available in this or not?

Regarding this, Professor KN Arun of Asian College of Journalism, Chennai, while sharing his experience, said that during the floods in 2015, two of his vehicles were submerged in water and he easily got insurance claims in both vehicles. According to media reports, in December 2015, Chennai received the highest rainfall in the last 100 years, due to which many parts of the city were in the grip of floods.

Professor KN Arun said that after the 2015 floods, many people tried to turn on their vehicles, due to which they did not get the insurance claim. He said that if there is not only a flood but there is water logging on the road, then vehicles should not be driven. In such a situation, the vehicles should be towed with the help of professionals. On the other hand, in case of a flood, the best option is to call the insurance company and register the request as soon as possible and never try to start the vehicle in such a situation at all, otherwise, the claim will not be received.

Professor KN Arun, who was a victim of the floods in 2015, advised the people of Bangalore to never try to B start a flooded vehicle after the flood is over as it may damage the engine of the vehicle, due to which Insurance claims will also not be available. Instead, he can take the help of professionals and take their advice.

Ashwini Dubey, motor insurance renewals head,, said applications for insurance claims would increase once the waterlogging situation normalizes in Bengaluru, but in many cases, customer insurance does not cover engine damage due to floods. For this, customers have to take the engine protection add-on cover.