GAC will rein on the arbitrariness of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter from today, decision on users' complaints in 30 days

GAC will start working from today to curb Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And will also give a decision on the complaint of the consumer within 30 days.

GAC will rein on the arbitrariness of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter from today, decision on users' complaints in 30 days

Now the arbitrariness of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will not work. Till now the flag of these companies was flying high. No one was there to notice. But now if the users have any complaint against the social media companies, then the three Grievance Appellate Committees (GAC) formed by the Central Government will take action to resolve it. The arbitrariness of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will now be curbed. These three committees will start work from 1 March 2023 i.e. from today. The Ministry of Electronics and IT informed that the Central Government has notified three Grievance Appellate Committees under the amendment in the Information Technology (IT) Rules 2021 made in October. According to the Ministry of Electronics and IT, users' appeals have to be resolved within 30 days. If someone is found guilty after the complaint, action will be taken with immediate effect.

More than 80 percent of the people of the country have connected with smartphones. Now action can be taken on any complaint against Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. GAC is a virtual digital platform. You will be able to file a complaint online and digitally. Because of this, social media companies will not be able to ignore the complaints of the users. After receiving the complaint, the committee will place the matter of the users before the officials of the ministry.

What is GAC? And who are the members of GAC? Learn. Each of the three GACs will have a chairperson, and two full-time members from different government bodies. Shall be senior officers retired from the industry for a period of three years from the date of assuming office.

The first committee will be headed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Retired IPS Ashutosh Shukla and former Chief General Manager of Punjab National Bank Sunil Soni have been appointed as whole-time members of the committee. The second committee will be headed by Joint Secretary in charge of the Policy and Administration Division in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The third committee will be headed by Kavita Bhatia, Senior Scientist, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

These committees will review social media platforms Twitter and Facebook from time to time. So that no wrong can be done to any users. Will also review moderating the content of social media companies. Along with violating the rights of any users, action will also be taken on the concerned platform.